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Made in the USA! Made to order, not mass-produced

The Artphoric giclée prints are made in the USA. We create your artwork when you order it, not before. Our reproductions aren’t mass-produced in big quantities or stored in a warehouse. By focusing on printing one giclée at a time, we can create high quality images using the best materials available. Artphoric prints with archival level materials to ensure that the piece you purchase will last for generations.

Exclusive dealer of Bob Peak reproductions

Artphoric has Exclusive rights to work with Bob Peak’s son, Thomas Peak, on curating and offering these incredible pieces from the Bob Peak was an award winning master of illustration, often referred to as The Father of the Modern Movie Poster and recognized as an originator of the Mad Men style of advertising illustration.

The award winning illustrator is known to artists worldwide, but even if the name doesn’t ring a bell, you are sure to recognize his artwork for movies such as Apocalypse Now, Star Trek, Superman, My Fair Lady (just to name a few) or portraits of famous people like Mother Theresa (for Time Magazine) or Madonna (TV Guide).

Until now, you could only find extremely rare original pieces, or original movie posters, on auction sites or with private collectors. We are proud to exclusively offer these giclée reproductions by Bob Peak, available now for you to showcase in your home, or share with a fellow art lover.

The Artphoric store started with a select number of pieces from the Bob Peak archives. We are continually adding artwork, including more Bob Peak reproductions and curating additional artists in the near future. We will be expanding our catalog with different sizes, price ranges, collections and other artwork gift options.

To learn more about giclée canvas and paper reproductions, please read below.


What is a Giclée reproduction?

Giclée printing (pronounced zhe-clay) is commonly considered to be the highest quality digital reproduction technique for fine art.

It starts with an extremely high resolution, detailed scanning process during which the image and topography of the original artwork are captured into a digital file.

Then the giclée prints are created using specialized printers that literally spray the image onto a substrate such as canvas, paper, etc.

It is then hand trimmed and treated with a coat of varnish which protects the canvas from moderate amounts of scuffing, UV light exposure, moisture and humidity.

What is a Canvas Gallery Wrap?

Our Giclée Canvas Gallery Wraps are done individually by hand. Each canvas is stretched over 1 1/2 inch high quality stretcher bars that we mill ourselves.

To ensure the correct level of tension, the canvas is folded at the corners and is splined, resulting in a tight, even stretch. We use the tuck-n-roll stapleless method which uses a rubber spline  pressed into a groove running through the back of the stretcher bar frame. The canvas can be disassembled and re-stretched in the future with little trouble.

We also add a hanger wire to the back of each piece, so our Giclée Canvas Gallery Wraps are ready to hang right out of the box.


What is a Giclée Rolled Canvas?

Our Giclée Rolled Canvas pieces are printed on the same artist-grade canvas as the Gallery Wraps, with a 2″ border around the image, but without the stretcher bar finish.

The finished piece is rolled and shipped to you so can frame or finish however you like!

What is a Giclée Paper Print?

The paper poster print Giclées are made using Archival Art Paper, treated to ensure durability and the best quality image possible.

We use exclusively Epson printers with water based and solvent inks. These prints are environmentally friendly and made to last.

Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock

What is a Floating Frame?

Inset of Canvas Wrap and Readyframe Corner.

Inset of Canvas Wrap and Readyframe Corner.

We currently offer Ready-Frame (aka, the Floating Frame) for our Giclée Canvas Gallery Wraps. Your art is hung with a slight space between the black frame and the stretched canvas, so the artwork appears to “float” in the frame.

Would you like your own art or photo Giclée Printed on Canvas or Paper?

If you would like your artwork printed, please send us an email and let us know what size you would like it, and whether you would like a Paper Print, Rolled Canvas, Canvas Wrap or Framed Canvas (Floating Frame). You can also send us the artwork and we can let you know the largest size we can print it and still retain the image quality. (Our optimum resolution for printing is 200dpi.)

We will then send you a response with the cost of the piece and a mockup of your piece so you can see what it would look like on a Canvas Wrap or Framed Canvas.

Please include any other notes that you would like, we’ll be happy to help.

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